Grado SR60e Vs. SR80e Headphones Compared

Headphones Comparison

As you know, Grado is one of the best headphones brands on the market these days.

Even though they have plenty of different headphones, many people fail when they are trying to compare the Grado SR60e Vs SR80e headphones.

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The truth is that they have some things in common but they also have many differences. However, most users just aren’t able to notice them. So, in order to help you, we decided to make a complete Grado SR60e Vs SR80e comparison.

Let’s start by checking out how they look like:

#1: Grado SR60e Headphones


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#2: Grado SR80e Headphones


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Grado SR60e Vs SR80e Headphones: What Do They Have In Common?

The reality is that the Grado SR60e and the Grado SR80e have a lot in common. These include the overall design, the shape, and even the build materials. The earpads, the driver design, and the plastic housing are also the same on both headphones.

Grado SR60e Vs SR80e Headphones: What Are The Differences?

Even though both headphones have a lot of similarities, they also have many features that differentiate them. However, there is one feature that clearly makes all the difference: the sound quality.


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As soon as you try out the Grado SR80e headphones, you will notice that the bass texture is a lot better when compared with the Grado SR60e headphones. It’s not only better defined; it is also punchier and deeper. Even though not everyone might agree with our opinion since some users believe that the Grado SR60e headphones have more bass, there is no question that the accuracy of the Grado SR80e headphones is far better. Besides, the speed is also improved.


However, the differences between the Grado SR60e headphones and the Grado SR80e headphones aren’t limited to the sound quality. Other differences that you will notice include the weight. While the difference is not very impressive, the truth is that the Grado SR80e is slightly heavier than the Grado SR60e. In addition, the cable length on the Grado SR80e is also a bit shorter than on the SR60e.


Even though both Grado SR60e headphones and Grado SR80e headphones are comfortable, we believe that the last ones are a bit more comfortable, especially if you are looking for some headphones than you can wear for multiple hours without hurting your ears.

Grado SR60e Vs SR80e Headphones: Conclusion

So, which one is better? Which one should you choose? The Grado SR60e headphones or the Grado SR80e headphones?

The truth is that there isn’t a simple answer here. As you know, your choice ultimately depends on your specific needs as well as on your budget. Even though the budget doesn’t play a significant role here since both headphones are almost at the same price level, the final choice depends on your personal needs.


When you are a user who likes to listen to your music perfectly, with few distortion and with an incredible bass, then we have to say that you should go with the Grado SR80e headphones. However, if you are a user who also likes to have a good sound quality but who tends to prefer to listen to rock, then you will be well served with the Grado SR60e headphones.

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