Top 3 Betron B750s, DC950 and YSM1000 In Ear Headphones Reviewed

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Despite the fact most people are always looking for high-quality headphones that have a big brand behind, the thing is that many different brands have been showing their first signs on the market. Many times, they only need a chance to survive because if there is one thing they don’t lack is quality. And this is the case of Betron.

Although you may have never heard of the brand itself, you need to know that their headphones have been showing a great quality and durability. Plus, when you’re considering getting some headphones that need to have some quality but also need to fit your low budget, this might be one of the best brands to look at.

As most people like to listen to their favorite songs anytime they want and wherever they want, but sometimes have a low budget, we compiled the 3 best Betron headphones for you to choose.

Here are the best Betron headphones reviewed:

#1: Betron B750s Earphones Headphones


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No matter the budget you have, you are simply looking for the best headphones you can get. And this means taking into account different factors: sound quality, design, and, obviously, the price.

One of the best things that we like in the Betron B750s Earphones Headphones and that made us considered them as one of the best Betron headphones on the market, is their powerful bass. You’ll be impressed by the way how the audio just has a dynamics and clarity that resembles more expensive headphones. Since the Betron B750s Earphones Headphones also feature passive noise cancelling, you can be sure that you won’t hear most loud noises on the surroundings which will allow you to really listen to your favorite songs. But that’s not all that helps you get into the mood. The fact that the Betron B750s Earphones Headphones come with different ear adapters sizes (small, medium, and large, makes sure that they will perfectly fit your ears.

One of the things that most Betron models incorporate is the compatibility to connect to all kinds of devices. And the Betron B750s Earphones Headphones are no exception. According to multiple Betron headphones reviews, you can easily connect your new Betron headphones with portable gaming systems, CD and DVD players, iPhone, iPod, MP3, among other devices. And this is just perfect to make sure that you can take full advantage of these high-quality headphones.

When you decide that you want to try out the Betron headphones, you will get the headset itself, 3 different sizes of earbuds (small, medium, and large, a flat cable, and a carrying pouch.

Although many people prefer to walk out the house wearing their headphones, you might be one person who simply prefers to take your headphones with you, on a backpack, on a purse, or in your briefcase. And in this case, the carrying pouch will be perfect for you.

One of the best ways to decide which headphones are the best ones for you is to check out the earbuds, headphones and earmuffs reviewed by users.

#2: Betron DC950 Headphones Earphones


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The Betron DC950 Headphones Earphones are another great option when you’re looking to buy some high-quality earphones and you simply don’t want to pay a fortune.

The Betron DC950 Headphones Earphones deliver the most amazing sound quality, especially if you consider their price. In case you already experimented some headphones on the same price level, you can be sure that you’ll notice the difference. And this isn’t only what we are saying; it’s also what many different Betron headphones reviewers, who actually got them and wear them, are saying. Since they include large 11.5mm Neodymium driver units as well as deep bass ports, you can expect to get an amazingly clear bass sound. The crisp clean trebles hit higher than what you would expect (especially at this price level), and the bass goes deeper than you can ever imagine. The only way you have to find out is really to try them out. As this wasn’t enough, the Betron DC950 Headphones Earphones also feature passive noise cancellation. This way, you won’t need to hurt your ears by listening to your music in a higher volume. Just put the volume at a moderate level and enjoy the sound without any interference from the external world.

One of the main differences you will notice when you compare these Betron headphones with other headphones of the same price level is the fact that they are compatible with a lot more devices. From MP3 players to tablets, including all audio devices that use a 3.5mm audio output.

If there is one thing that we absolutely love about the Betron DC950 Headphones Earphones is their design. They are made of a robust metal that is not only durable as well as it is also comfortable.

When you decide to get the Betron DC950 Headphones Earphones for yourself or as a gift to one of your friends, you will receive the Betron DC950 Headphones Earphones, the silicone black gel ear tips in 3 different sizes – small, medium, and large, to make sure they perfectly fit your ears, a cable clip, and a travel pouch.

If you’re one of the many people who love to take your headphones everywhere with you, the carrying case will be a great help. It will put everything together to make sure you can listen to your favorite songs everywhere you go, at any time you want.

#3: Betron YSM1000 Earphones Headphones


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The Betron earphones ysm1000 are considered by many people as the best earphones on the market considering the price as well as the sound quality they deliver.

According to many Betron headphones reviews, the Betron earphones YSM1000 are one of the best examples on how you can listen to your music without getting any interference from the outside world, benefiting from a great design and an on-budget price.

So, let’s take a deeper look at the Betron earphones YSM1000.

It really doesn’t matter if you’re planning to listen to your favorite songs, connect the headphones to your TV to watch that amazing action movie that was just released, or whatever you’re thinking about wearing them for. The truth is that the Betron earphones YSM1000 are suitable for all these and more. And this puts them in a much higher place than other headphones of the same price level.

The delivery of reliable and natural sound has changed a lot in the last couple of years. If in the old days, dynamic driver units used to do miracles, today, we need more. The soundtracks are more demanding, so the dynamic speaker needs to be able to reveal every single detail. And this is exactly why the Betron earphones YSM1000 uses the best moving coil neodymium dynamic drivers.

However, when you think about buying some new in ear headphones, you want to make sure they won’t only provide you with a great sound quality as well as they also are aesthetically pleasing. No matter if you’re someone who likes to take your in ear headphones everywhere with you or not, the thing is that you like good-looking objects. It really doesn’t matter what others think; they need to appeal you. And the Betron earphones YSM1000. do appeal almost everyone.

One of the things that you absolutely ned to consider before you actually buy new in ear headphones is to know if they will fit you or not. This makes a huge difference because if they don’t fit you well, you might think there is a problem with the headphones when there really isn’t. And this is why the Betron earphones YSM1000 come with hybrid silicone earbuds in 3 different sizes – small, medium, and large. This will make sure that the in ear headphones will perfectly fit your ears as well as you’ll prevent to be distracted by any surrounding noise.

If there is one thing that most people tend to complain about in ear headphones is that, after a while, they start hurting their ears. This is a typical case of low-quality in ear headphones and you can be sure that this isn’t the case of the Betron earphones YSM1000.

If there is one thing that Betron makes sure that includes on all their in ear headphone models is the amazing compatibility. You can easily connect the Betron earphones YSM1000 with all portable gaming systems. CD and DVD players, iPod, iPhone, MP3, among so many others.

When you are looking to buy some high-quality inear headphones but you have a low budget, you need to know there are many different smaller brands that are just entering the market but they are able to deliver high-quality headphones. In fact, their only way to gain some market share is exactly to have low prices while having the exact same features. This is the only way they can compete.

We are not saying that you should be the first one to try out a different in ear headphones brand. However, when you see so many people happy with their different in ear headphone models, you need to consider them. After all, you have a limited budget. And although many well-known brands are decreasing their prices, your budget will hardly get to their prices. And it really doesn’t have to since you’ll get the same quality for a fraction of the price.

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