10 Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Does background noise distract you and keep you from being focused? If so, you should consider getting noise cancelling earbuds. Advancement in technology ensures that your audio is played in the purest and highest clarity.

Read about the 10 best noise cancelling earbuds in this review. We advise you to look at the Bose QuietComfort first because it excels in performance and features. Read through the entire piece for more in depth information. You’ll learn what makes them the best and how you will benefit from them. Find the one most suited to your preferences.

The Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds Review

#1: Audio-Technica ATH_ANC23


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Noise cancelling is a feature you want in your earbuds. The Audio-Technica ATH_ANC23 supplies up to 90% noise reduction to deliver a high quality of sound. You can listen to music comfortably and background noises won’t distract you.

The electronics in the control box create a noise cancelling wave. This wave and the ambient noise wave work together to reduce background noise.

There are miniature microphones in each ear piece which pick up the background noise.

There is an airline adapter and a carry pouch is included in the kit.


  • The earbuds fit comfortably in your ears
  • It’s effective in cancelling out the sounds of engines or tires on the road
  • The noise cancellation works without the signal source
  • Reduces wind sounds when driving a motorbike


  • You can only hear mid-ranges for example, people talking
  • It doesn’t reduce 90% of noise as stated
  • The carry bag can pick up lint which makes the buds dirty
  • There aren’t enough bass frequencies


These earbuds are perfect if you love listening to music while travelling. It’s also a practical answer to protect your hearing. The noise wave reducer gives you quality sounds and you won’t be distracted by other vehicles’ engines.

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#2: AKG K391NC


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The AKG K391NC gives you peace when you’re in a noisy environment. You can also have clear-sounding calls.

This AKG product delivers high noise-cancellation technology. There are tiny microphones on the outside of each earpiece which detect any unwanted sounds, and the noise- cancelling technology negates it. You can listen to your music with no distraction.

The closed-back design prevents sounds emitting from the earbuds. This way no one will hear your music or calls.

The play time is approximately 35 hours. The battery is rechargeable via USB cable. There are two USB cables available and these earbuds work with any phone.

Additional features include a premium case for iPhone and a flight adapter.


  • Vocals are clear
  • Comfortable to use
  • Reduces loud sounds significantly
  • It’s highly durable


  • The volume range is limited
  • Doesn’t work with all devices
  • The earbuds are too heavy and can fall out of your ears
  • The battery drains rapidly


This AKG product is an investment for many reasons. You can listen to your music clearly. You can also have high quality calls. They are practical for trips. When you’re working on a job site The AKG will cancel the heavy machinery noise. This versatility makes them a wise option for the whole family.

#3: Bose QuietComfort


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The Bose QuietComfort can be used on Apple and any Android phone. You can choose between the black or white colored earbuds.

No matter the device you’re using, the background sounds will be significantly reduced. You will listen to high clarity sound.

The Aware Mode allows you to hear what is happening around you. With a click of a button, you can switch to this mode and back to noise cancellation. You can also switch between answering calls and listening to music.

The exclusive TriPort technology and active EQ supply lifelike digital-quality sound.


  • The buds are comfortable to wear
  • The battery charges quickly
  • Convenient to carry because of its small size
  • It significantly reduces background noise


  • Cracking sounds occur when disconnecting the buds from the device
  • Doesn’t reduce high-pitched noise
  • The rubber around the ear buds quickly loses shape
  • Your voice is muffled during calls


You’ll love this because you can match it with many different sound sources. Whether you want to hear your calls or music in the highest quality audio, you’ll be satisfied. It’s small and lightweight, so it’s convenient to carry in your pockets. This device is where quality and practicality meet.

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#4: Phiaton BT 220


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The Phiaton BT 220 is embedded with Bluetooth 4.0 and features aptX technology. This increases digital streaming efficiency and improves dynamic range.

The active noise cancellation technology reduces background noise up to 95%.

The multipoint connection feature allows you to connect to any two Bluetooth devices simultaneously. You can switch between the two devices to listen to music or make calls.

The Clear Voice Capture (CVC) technology ensures every call is crystal clear. Both parties’ voices will be emitted and heard well.

The neck strap or clip conveniently allows you to carry the device on you. You don’t need to carry the connected device in your hands or pockets.


  • The Bluetooth signal connection is strong
  • A voice prompter will inform you when the device is connected or disconnected
  • The noise filtering is well balanced
  • It cancels out most noise without playing music


  • Your voice may be muffled during calls
  • Not comfortable to wear
  • Can be complicated to work
  • There is no indicator to say how full the battery is


These are among the best noise cancelling earbuds for those who don’t want the hassle of wires. It can connect to two devices via a Bluetooth connection. You can listen to all your music in superior sound circumstances thanks to background noise being reduced. This is probably all you want from noise cancelling earbuds. Are you ready to buy?

#5: Shure SE535-V


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The Shure’s speaker type is a triple high-definition MicroDriver. This speaker type contributes to sound isolation.

The sound isolating G sleeves block up to 37 dB of background noise. This technology doesn’t allow background noise to interfere with you listening to audio.

The buds have tweeters and dual woofers. They deliver rich sound and bass frequencies. The cable is detachable, and you can replace the buds when you need to; this helps improve the product’s durability.

The Shure SE553-V was tested by musicians who were on the road. They helped towards the fine engineering of the high-quality sound.

You can get this product in Clear, Metallic Bronze, or Limited Edition Red colors.


  • Powerful music listening experience
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Durable
  • Musicians can hear their music well when performing live


  • The ear buds fall out easily
  • Water can get through the gap between the IEM and cable
  • Difficult to remove the earbuds


If you’re a serious music fan then consider these earbuds. They provide high quality audio that sounds like live performances. You’ll experience all the treble, bass and other tones you wouldn’t hear with other earphones. Thanks to durability you’ll have this superior music experience for years.

#6: Huawei Active Noise Cancelling


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Noise-cancellation technology improves upon the bass needed for your favorite songs, and all music ranges are smoothly delivered.

The features that contribute to noise reduction include:

  • The sound chamber design
  • The high quality speakers which consist of two dynamic drivers and two balanced amateur drivers
  • Composite diaphragm
  • Ultra-high purity copper cables
  • The batteries are rechargeable through the jack of your device. It can be charged with Huawei Honor 8 or other technology that supports headphone charging


  • Active noise cancellation performance is effective
  • Cord doesn’t tangle easily
  • Comfortable to use
  • Sleek and sophisticated look


  • Volume control doesn’t work on some devices
  • Short battery life
  • Not all devices can charge earbuds
  • Can’t use and charge the earphones simultaneously


This noise cancelling ear bud is practical for those who want to listen to their audio without background distractions. It’s for people who want to focus without interference. These earphones reduce white noise and higher frequencies. You’re left with listening to pure high-quality music.

#7: TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Headphones


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These earphones reduce up to 30 dB of background noise. They give you high-quality audio whenever you work or travel.

You get an uninterrupted 15 hours of battery run time. The battery is rechargeable via the cable supplied. They fit comfortably in your ears for long periods of time.

You’re guaranteed full control. The three buttons on the remote allow you to:

  • Control volume
  • Play back
  • Select
  • Play
  • Pause

The built-in microphone allows you to make phone calls, and the noise cancellation technology ensures you can hear what is said clearly.

For added convenience when you travel, an airplane audio adapter is included in the kit.


  • You can select the size earbuds comfortable for you
  • A green LED light will flash to indicate the noise cancellation is active
  • They earbuds won’t easily slip out
  • Provides superior sound performance for different types of music


  • Not durable
  • If the earbuds don’t fit well the noise activation will be ineffective
  • The microphone piece hangs too low
  • Volume control doesn’t work on some devices


These earphones are practical to use in busy or congested areas as the noise-activation technology is impressive. When they fit perfectly in your ears, the sound experience is elevated. You may want to check whether there’s an ear piece size for you before you make a purchase.

#8: SENSO Bluetooth Headphones


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Sports fanatics will enjoy these Bluetooth noise cancelling headsets. The “no-wires” feature enables you to freely play all your sports, or work out at the gym.

The device connected to the headset can be up to 30’ away. You can focus on your training because the Bluetooth connection is strong, and it ensures your audio is played in the best quality. Your calls will be clear too.

The buds are comfortable to wear. Your vigorous training won’t cause them to pop out.

A unique feature embedded in these headsets is the IPX-7 waterproof rating. If you take a jog while it’s drizzling, the headsets won’t suffer water damage.

You can use these headsets for 8 hours, and they can be recharged within 90 minutes. They have a standby time of 20 hours.

The bonus items included in the kit:

  • Dual port USB car charger
  • 3’ charging cable for iOS and Android devices


  • Sweat won’t damage the headsets
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use
  • User friendly


  • Battery drains rapidly
  • Echo sound can occur
  • Not durable
  • Not suited for people with small ears


Athletes can use these headsets without the risk of water damage. Anyone who uses these headsets will experience a world of uninterrupted sound in the highest clarity. During calls, your and the caller’s voice will clearly be delivered. Products that cater for various scenarios are worth the investment.

#9: Senbowe Magnetic Bluetooth Headphones


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These wireless headphones use Bluetooth 4.1 to connect to your device, and you can connect to two devices simultaneously.

The CVC noise isolation technology will reduce any background interference. You can use it in any place that has a lot of noise congestion.

When you’re not using this headset, you can attach the earpieces together with the magnet. It can be hung around your neck for convenient portability.


  • They don’t fall out during exercising
  • Strong build
  • Far Bluetooth range
  • Long lasting battery life of 7 hours


  • Not all noise is reduced
  • Easily loses connection between devices
  • Static noise can occur
  • Charging port eventually becomes loose


This beautifully constructed headset allows you to do all your activities in peace as it blocks out unwanted noise. You won’t get irritated by wires that prevent you from doing your activities.

#10: DUBS Noise Cancelling Music Ear Plugs


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These earplugs block out any unwanted loud noise and help your ears focus on your audio’s clarity.

The dynamic attenuation serves as a volume reducer to control mid-range frequencies. You can wear these as ear plugs when you go to bed as they block out snoring.

It helps prevent hearing loss in occupations where loud noise is prominent such as construction. If you love visiting concerts or live motor sports use these headphones to protect your ear drums.

The compact size and carry case make it convenient to carry so you can take it anywhere.


  • Protects your eardrums when listening to music close to speakers
  • Has the right amount of decibel reduction
  • You can hear what others are saying around you
  • Comfortable to use


  • Glue used to join the parts can wear out
  • Can easily get lost because of size
  • Not durable


These are some of the best noise cancelling earbuds if you want to preserve your hearing. They block out loud unbearable sounds and fit comfortably in your ears. This is an entertainment product that can also serve your health.


The best noise cancelling earbuds are the Bose QuietComfort earbuds. This product can be used with iOS and Android devices. The TriPort technology and active EQ elevate your sound experience. You’re guaranteed no disruptive background noise. These ae some of the most important aspects of noise cancelling earbuds. Prepare to enjoy your audio once again.

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