Treblab XR500 Bluetooth In Ear Headphones Review

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When trying to find the best in ear headphones, many people have a lot of problems deciding on which ones are the best for them. While the in ear headphones that are usually designed for sports tend to be a bit disappointing, the ones that can actually deliver a good sound are simply huge. So, there’s no wonder so many people wonder around the major retail stores trying to find some in ear headphones that can fit them well.

If you like to always look good, some good-looking and attractive headphones can help with your outfit. So, make sure to discover trendy earbuds and earmuffs.

However, there is some good news. The Bluetooth platform has been improving as well as the battery lives of the most modern headphones. Plus, the sound quality has also been getting better, even at lower priced headphones. So, it is our pleasure to announce that you may not need to spend so much time looking for the perfect in ear headphones. Here’s one of your best options right now and one that you should definitely consider:

Treblab XR500 headphones

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When you first look at the Treblab XR500 headphones, you can definitely say that they impress. Featuring a great design, probably a bit larger than most other earbuds, they are lightweight and very stylish. So, if you’re one of those people who like to carry your in ear headphones everywhere with you, the Treblab XR500 headphones are a fantastic choice.

If there is one place where most people like to take their headphones is to the gym. You know that there are times that you just don’t want to go. So, you force yourself but you just need to take your favorite  songs with you to make the time pass faster. So, one of the things that you need to consider is whether the in ear headphones you’re getting is sweat proof. And the Treblab XR500 headphones are.

Treblab XR500 Bluetooth headphones

According to different Treblab XR500 reviews, you can even cover them with water and they will continue to work. So, if you like to alternate between the gym and the outdoor workouts, you don’t need to worry about the rain or the bad weather. The Treblab XR500 review will keep working. And in case you’re running out of battery, you’ll have a small LED light telling you about it so you never run out of your music.

Treblab XR500 review

Another feature that you should take into consideration when you’re looking for some quality in ear headphones is the sound quality. In the case of the Treblab XR500 Bluetooth headphones, the highs are clean and crisp, the mids are well-articulated and pronounced, and the bass is slightly emphasized. Although they don’t have the best sound quality of the entire world, the truth is that they are pretty good when you’re working out and especially according to their price level.

In case you decide to buy the Treblab XR500 Bluetooth headphones, you will get the headset itself, 6 extra pairs of replaceable eartips, a hard-shell carrying case, and a mesh pouch inside.


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