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One of the best ways you have to know whether some Bluetooth headphones are good or fit your needs is to check online reviews. These reviews tend to be made by people who got the headphones at a cheaper price in exchange for their honest opinion or they are simply regular customers, just like you, who want to tell others what they feel about the specific headphones.

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If there is one thing that surprises us, in a positive way, is the fact that there are so many Senso Bluetooth headphones reviews. We already had the idea that the Senso headphones were a pretty good option, but seeing so many people agreeing with us and rating them 4 and 5 stars are really something.

And this is one of the main reasons why we decided to write this Senso Bluetooth headphones review. So, let’s check out the different features of the Senso noise cancelling headset.


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In terms of design, these Senso headphones are pretty simple and basic. However, as strange as it may sound, they actually work. There are no strange colors or a different design. This is a classic and ergonomic style that works and this is one of the reasons why most people love them. However, that’s not all. Th fact that this Senso noise cancelling headset includes 2 ergonomic earhooks integrated into the earbuds makes all the difference. After all, they will make sure that the headphones are always attached no matter what you decide to do.

Although there are many different earbuds that are built especially for people who like sports, these are one of the best ones on the market. And the reason is simple: when you go to the gym or are exercising, you know you’ll seat. And the last thing you want to do when you’re working out is to keep putting the earbuds in their place. And with sweat. most earbuds will tend to move out of place. However, with the Senso noise cancelling headphones, this won’t happen since they feature the IPX7waterproof standard that allows you to sweat as much as you want that they won’t move an inch.


In terms of the sound quality, we couldn’t agree more with the vast majority Senso Bluetooth headphones reviews. These headphones are extremely easy to connect with any Bluetooth-ready device (since they feature the Bluetooth 4.1 technology), and up to 30 feet, which is absolutely amazing, considering their price. Plus, they also include a Noise Suppression technology that allows you to focus only on what you’re listening to since you won’t hear any surrounding noises.


One of the best things about the Senso Bluetooth headphones is their audio quality. No matter if you like to listen to metal, rock, or jazz, you can be sure that you’ll be delighted with a crisp treble and a deep bass.

When you decide to buy your new Senso Bluetooth headphones, you will receive the headset itself,  a long and a short USB cable, a dual port car adapter for charging, a wire tie, 3 sets of replaceable eartips, and a carrying case.


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