The Photive PH Bte70 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones: A Review

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Listening to music, podcasts or audiobooks is part of almost everyone’s lives. To help you find a great set of headphones, we will be reviewing the Photive PH Bte70 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones.


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The Photive PH Bte70 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones come with a lot of features to enhance your listening experience and provide you with a comfortable way to listen. What drew us to these headphones in the first place was the amazing price that they are listed at. Headphones can be very costly, depending on the brand that you are looking at, and therefore it is great when you find a pair for under $30. The Photive PH Bte70 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are very comfortable to wear, having a secure fit that is able to fit right around your ears, and then you never have to adjust them again—they will never fall out!


As for sound quality, these headphones have great volume control and are built with an advanced APTX sound. They are equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 technology that allow you to have premium acoustics without sacrificing a deep bass in your music. These are wireless earbuds, which is important nowadays, and is going to help you during your workout sessions. The battery on the Photive PH Bte70 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones charges very quickly and can deliver you with up to 6 hours of playing time on a single full charge.

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If you are using these headphones to work out, no problem at all as they are fully sweat proof and will not get ruined when you are doing any intense workout.

Right on the headphones are controls where you can adjust the volume of your music, answer calls, skip tracks and pause the music, without even having to touch your phone. The Photive PH Bte70 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are an elite set of headphones tailored to deliver you ease of use and great quality sound.

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  • Wireless
  • Sweat proof
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Lasts long on a charge
  • Great onboard controls
  • Pairs very easily


  • Not the most comfortable to wear
  • Could use a bit more bass



Just remember that purchasing a set of headphones really does come down to personal preference—what are you going to listen to, and the type of music you are going to be listening to. It is essential that you take the time to find a pair that will work best for you and your needs.

That being said, we think the Photive PH Bte70 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are fantastic headphones! The main reason is because they are wireless, which is a must nowadays, as wires get too much in the way. On top of this, they are sweat proof and perfect for working out. The only downside is they are not the most comfortable to wear, however for the price, they are a steal!

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