Neojdx Venice2 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Review

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The truth is that it’s becoming harder to choose some good-quality over ear headphones. With so many different brands, different models, some featuring Bluetooth, Wireless and non-wireless, your options are, pretty much, endless.

The main problem is that you just don’t buy some headphones every day. So, when you do buy them, you want to make sure that you’re buying a good-quality product that is made to last. But above all, the headphones that you need to buy need to be comfortable as well as they need to provide a good audio quality. So, where can you start?

We decided to give you a hand on this hard decision and we are about to review one of the best headphones on the market these days – the Neojdx Venice2 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones.


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The Neojdx Venice2 Bluetooth headphones feature the Bluetooth 4.0 technology as well as the apt-X technology. This allows you to get one of the best sounds some headphones can deliver – HD sound. With a pronounced and rich bass, these headphones also feature balanced and rich mid and high ranges. One of the things that most users tend to like about the Neojdx Venice2 Bluetooth headphones is the fact that they use the Ddx 2.0 technology. In case you don’t know what this easy, all you need to keep in mind is that when you increase the volume of your headset, you won’t hear any distortion. Plus, you can stream your music up to 33 square feet in open spaces.

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Another factor that you also need to take into consideration is the comfort the Neojdx Venice2 Bluetooth wireless headphones are able to provide you. The truth is that the headband is incredibly soft in the inner part and the ear cushions are covered with some protein leather to guarantee that you remain comfortable no matter how many hours you decide to wear them.


When you get to hold the Neojdx Venice2 Bluetooth wireless headphones in your hand, you’ll notice the high-quality materials that are being used. Not only these headphones are lightweight as they are also foldable making a lot easier for you to carry them anywhere you want. Plus., the package also includes a zipper case.


The Neojdx Venice2 headphones also allow you to receive calls since they include a built-in microphone. One of the things that many people tend to complain about getting calls using headphones is that they are unable to hear the other person or vice-versa. However, the Neojdx Venice2 headphones include the DdxP technology which will prevent this from happening to you. Your voice sound will be extremely clear at the other end.


One of the things that you may like to know about the Neojdx Venice2 Bluetooth wireless headphones is that you’ll have the ability to connect two different Bluetooth-ready devices at the same time. Plus, with the easy controls the Neojdx Venice2 Bluetooth wireless headphones provide, you won’t have any problems play or pause your music, change the volume, take a call, or skip a song.


As you can see, the Neojdx Venice2 headphones include a lot of great features that are sometimes only included on the most expensive headphones. And this makes them one of the best over headphones on the market.

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