Massdrop x Hifiman HE 350 Headphones Review

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When you are looking for some high-quality headphones, maybe you have some brands that you like to take a look at. However, one of the few that most people tend to not remember is Hifiman. However, and especially with the Hifiman HE 350 headphones, you just can’t ignore them anymore.


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One of the things that made us look at the Hifiman HE 350 headphones was the fact that they feature a magnetic planar that is able to provide the most unique and detailed sound you can ever imagine. As you can imagine, the Hifiman HE 350 headphones were extremely pricey. After all, you need to pay around $900 for the Hifiman HE 350 headphones and this is not properly most people’s budget. In case you are already thinking that you need to search somewhere else, the truth is that you don’t. Why? Hifiman decided to announce their budget offering on Massdrop for just $99. Yes, you read it right. You can now own your own Hifiman HE 350 headphones for less than 100 bucks.


While the Hifiman HE 350 headphones building was based on the Hifiman HE300, the Hifiman HE 350 headphones were specially created to ensure that they could be better than the previous model. And they did it, The Hifiman HE 350 headphones now include dynamic drivers that are more detailed in terms of the upper treble. This means that overall, the sound is more neutral, more detail, and with less distortion.

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In terms of the design and comfort, the Hifiman HE 350 headphones are great even if you want to wear them every single day for many hours straight. The truth is that Hihiman updated the frame making the Hifiman HE 350 headphones more light, and the headband is also a lot more comfortable than the HE300 used to be.

One of the things that you will like to know is that you have the ability to choose between a lot of different colors, including black and gray, black and silver, among others.

As soon as you take the Hifiman HE 350 headphones out of the box, you will immediately notice their ergonomic design. Besides the fact that they are lightweight, you will also be able to take advantage of the memory foam ear pads. And in case you’re one of those people who have big ears, you can be sure that the Hifiman HE 350 headphones will fit you just fine.


Overall, the Hifiman HE 350 headphones are just one of those opportunities you can’t miss. At this price – only $99 thanks to Massdrop, you can finally have some high-end headphones that feature one of the best technologies in term of headphones at the moment – the magnetic planar technology.

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One of the things that you will also like is that you can wear them many hours a day since they are incredibly comfortable and lightweight. And in terms of the sound quality, the Hifiman HE 350 headphones are really incredible. The sound is extremely natural and they do a great job isolating the surrounding noise.

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