HIFIMAN HE400S Vs HE400I Compared And Reviewed

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The truth is that more and more people are looking to buy the best headphones they can. It’s not only a way to look cool or anything. Most people like to listen to their favorite songs either at home, when they are working out, at work or even when they are commuting. So, if you are one of them, why shouldn’t you take the time to make a well-detailed search to find the best headphone for you?

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The truth is that Hifiman is a great brand that has been around for many years. They tend to produce great headphones that provide high-quality audio and they tend to be not only well-designed as durable. However, most people have some hard problems deciding between the HIFIMAN HE400S:


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and the HIFIMAN HE400I:


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HIFIMAN HE400I Vs HE400S – What Do They Have In Common?

The truth is that both Hifiman headphones have a lot in common starting at the set construction. They share the same overall design as well as they are incredibly comfortable to wear, even if you are a daily user who tends to wear them for many hours.

The HIFIMAN HE400I and the HIFIMAN HE400S also use the same frequency response and they tend to perform better the same musical genres.

HIFIMAN HE400I Vs HE400S – What Are The Differences?

In terms of the differences, there are a lot of them and these can actually help you decide which one of the models is best for you.


When you are looking at the HIFIMAN HE400I Vs HE400S, the most evident difference is related to the sound. The truth is that they both feature a high-quality sound but the HIFIMAN HE400S sound tends to be warmer, lush and enjoyable than the HIFIMAN HE400I, which sound tends to be more analytical, cooler and detailed.

In case you have the opportunity to try both Hifiman headphones, it should be better to do so. In case you don’t have this opportunity, take our word on the treble – while the HE400I headphone treble is better than the one of the HD400S, it tends to be quite fatiguing. With the 400S, you don’t get to that presence peak that is present on the 400I.


Another major difference between the two Hifiman headphones is related with the earpads and can be related to the comfort that you will have. While the HIFIMAN HE400I earpads are made of a soft and plush pleather, the HIFIMAN HE400S features velour material. While this difference may not seem very big, the reality is that it can make all the difference since the 400S tends to become hotter sooner than the 400I.


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While there isn’t really a big difference, you also need to know that the HIFIMAN HE400I weights 370g while the HIFIMAN HE400S weights only 350g.

HIFIMAN HE400I Vs HE400S – Which One Is Better?


In our opinion, and according to all we have read about the users who are already wearing these headphones for some time, we believe that the best choice is the HIFIMAN HE400S. Overall, and despite the use of velour, the design of the HE400S model is better and the sound quality is incredibly better than the one on the HE400I.

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