ELEGIANT Over Ear Wireless Headphones Review

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Even though you probably never heard about ELEGIANT before, this is one of the new brands that have been having a lot of success especially because of their high-quality headphones. One of their best models is the ELEGIANT Over Ear Wireless Headphones.


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The truth is that the ELEGIANT wireless headphones are being quite acclaimed by users who already bought them. The powerful sound they are able to deliver as well as the fact that they are robust and comfortable makes them one of the best options that you can consider when you’re looking to buy a new headset for yourself. But let’s take one step at the time.

In case you’re not already sure about exactly what you are looking for, there’s nothing better then to discover trendy earmuffs and earbuds.

In what concerns with the audio quality, the ELEGIANT wireless headphones are simply impressive. They were able to mix an immersive Hi-Fi sound with 40mm built-in horns and CSR chip. The truth is that even though they do provide a high-quality sound, they don’t include the Active Noise Isolation. After all, at this price, it would simply be unbearable. However, as you’ll discover next, the design is so well-thought that you end up wondering if they really don’t include this technology.

Besides featuring the Bluetooth 4.1 technology, the ELEGIANT Bluetooth headphones also include the leading apt-X Tech. So, you can be sure that you won’t notice any lag when you’re listening to your music or taking a call. Yes, that’s right, taking a call. After all, the ELEGIANT Bluetooth headphones include a built-in microphone.

But what about the design and the comfort?

The ELEGIANT Bluetooth headphones feature an ergonomic design and they are lightweight. The earmufs are made of soft breathable protein leather that you can be sure will be extremely comfortable even if you’re considering wearing your new ELEGIANT headphones for many straight hours. The headband is also softly padded providing you even more comfort.


One of the things that you’ll probably be happy to know about is that the ELEGIANT headphones are very portable. After all, you can simply fold them and take them anywhere with you.


The truth is that the ELEGIANT headphones are so lightweight and comfortable that you will even forget that you are wearing them. Plus, even if you’re expecting an important call that you just can’t miss, you don’t have any reasons to worry about it.

If there is something that some headphones don’t have is intuitive controls. However, this isn’t the case of the ELEGIANT headphones. All the controls are well placed and you won’t have any problems reaching any one of them.


In case you decide to buy the ELEGIANT wireless headphones, you will get the headset itself, 1 audio cable, 1 micro USB charging cable, and a user manual.

As you can see, with the ELEGIANT wireless headphones you will not only get the ability to listen to your favorite songs, taking unexpected and important calls, and enjoying comfort while doing it.

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