Best 15 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Reviewed | Ultimate Guide For 2017

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

A few years ago, it was impossible, for most people, to even consider buying wireless bluetooth headphones. They were simply very expensive and the technology wasn’t that good. Despite they were already wireless, its capacity and the battery life weren’t enough to use them on a daily basis. Today, things are different. For the better. […]

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Top 11 best Bluetooth Wireless On&Over Ear Headphones Under $100


Many people love to listen to their favorite songs with their on and over ear headphones. And they love to take them everywhere. However, when it’s time to buy a new pair of headphones, most of the times they assume they will need to pay a lot of money if they want to have a […]

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BÖHM B66 Bluetooth Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones With Inline Microphone


When you’re looking for some high-quality headphones that also have an inline microphone and feature noise cancelling, on of the best choices you have is the BÖHM Bluetooth wireless headphones. Click to Check Price on Amazon If you don’t know either BÖHM or this particular BÖHM Bluetooth wireless headphones, make sure to read our BÖHM […]

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