All You Need To Know About Safe Decibel Levels


You’re probably tired of people mentioning that you need to be careful with your hearing. However, and seeing the number of people with hearing problems increasing year after year, we just need to make sure that you are well aware of the situation. Not all noises are bad or harm you. In fact, for a […]

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Benefits Of Wearing Hearing Protection Headphones Or Earplugs


We are all subjected to numerous sources of extremely loud noises anywhere you go. Have you noticed the vacuum cleaner sound that you have at home? How about the lawnmower? And all the people talking at the restaurant with that loud background music? And in your workplace? There are so many different situations where we […]

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Comprehensive List Of Various Types Of Hearing Protection Devices (Ear Muffs, Earplugs, Headphones)


More and more often you hear people talking about hearing protection devices. Well, it’s a fact that we are now, more than ever, surrounded by loud noises. Even if you are already used to them, this doesn’t mean that they are not affecting your hearing. One of the main problems when you don’t protect your […]

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