The Best Earplugs For Sleeping In 2017 | Ultimate User Review Guide

There are many reasons that lead people to buy ear plugs. However, one of the main reasons is to sleep well. Many people have problems sleeping when there are too many sounds around them. It may be the spouse snoring or some loud neighbors. No matter what the reason is, we all need to be […]

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Earmufs Versus Earplugs Ultimate Comparison Guide


When you think about hearing protection, you immediately think about earmufs and ear plugs. And although they both do a great job, the key is to find the best one for you. If you don’t find it comfortable and convenient, you’ll most likely never use it. Disposable foam ear plugs that you can twist, and […]

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4 Highest NRR Ear Plugs For Maximum Hearing Protection


Either when you work in a loud environment like in a factory, a construction site, or near power tools, or when you love to go shooting or attend a concert, you need to be aware that, when you’re not using any hearing protection, you might be affecting your hearing. And the main problem when this […]

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Top 5 Concert Ear Plugs For Musicians And Not Only


When you think about a job where people might have more tendency to hear loss, you probably don’t even remember musicians. Most likely, you’d say people who work at construction sites or with powerful power tools. However, if yo think about it, musicians are always surrounded by loud noises. Either when they’re performing, when they […]

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How To Select Custom Ear Plugs


While some people have problems sleeping at night because of the surrounding noises, others just hate to fly because their ears hurt. There are still people who are prone to swimmer’s ear, people who love to attend noisy events, and musicians who usually attend a lot of concerts. All these people have one common problem: […]

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The Top 5 Highest NRR Ear Plugs


Our hearing can be affected in many different ways just by being exposed to loud sounds around us. When you’re driving your car to work in the middle of the traffic, when you work on a construction site where the noise is always a constant, when you go to a concert, among many other different […]

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How to Choose The Right Hearing Protection


Many workplaces are just noisy. And the fact that you need to spend at least 8 hours a day there, will definitely affect your hearing. So, you really need to protect yourself using earmuffs. And the best part is that it won’t affect your work as it will allow you to be more productive at […]

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