BÖHM B-76 Bluetooth Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones Review

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When you’re looking for some versatile headphones that allow you to use noise cancellation just when you need and have, at the same time, all the features that only the best headphones have to offer, you should definitely consider getting the BÖHM B76 Bluetooth Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones.


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The BÖHM B76 Bluetooth Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones include the Active Noise Cancellation feature like most of the good headphones include today. However, they allow you to either turn it on and off. Why do you need it, you ask? Well, although you usually might prefer to have the feature on to allow you to enjoy your audiobook or your music, the fact is that, sometimes, you want to be listening to your music but not be completely off the world. Let’s say that you’re expecting someone and your doorbell may ring at any minute. However, you don’t want to let go your music. So, just hit the off button and that’s it. Plus, turning this feature off, will also allow you to save a lot of battery.


No matter if you’re looking for some headphones that allow you to enjoy your music, watch a movie or a TV show, or play games, you want to make sure that they have the best sound. And this is exactly what you’re going to get with this BÖHM noise cancelling headphones. According to most BÖHM B76 reviews, the sound quality is actually very good. However, it is different from the Bose tone.

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One of the main advantages of this BÖHM noise cancelling headphones is the ability that you have to control everything with just the tap of a finger. The BÖHM B76 include a power button (that also works as a multifunction button), a playback control button, the volume control, a USB charging port, the noise cancelling button and the respective indicator, and the Bluetooth indicator. Yes, you read it right. It also includes a Bluetooth indicator because the BÖHM B76 allows you to connect directly to any Bluetooth-ready device that you have including your smartphone, computer, tablet, laptop, Smart TV, among so many others. And one of the best things is that the wireless connection has a reach of 10 meters, which is a lot. However, in case you don’t want to use the BÖHM Bluetooth wireless headphones with wireless, you can simply use an auxiliary cable to connect it. Although you may think that you’re always going to use wireless, it’s just good to know that if the wireless connection is unstable you always have a backup plan.


One of the main critics that we usually see regarding headphones is that they are uncomfortable. They can be ok for someone who uses them just one or two hours a day, but more than that it becomes unbearable. However, and according to the BÖHM B76 reviews, the BÖHM Bluetooth wireless headphones is extremely comfortable even if you’re planning on using them for many long hours, like when you’re at work, for example. The main difference between these headphones and most others which have this problem is the quality of the materials and the design of the headphones. According to BÖHM B76 reviews, the soft leather that is included on the construction doesn’t make you feel like someone is crushing your head. And in what concerns with the ear cups, they are well-cushioned with a breathable foam.


According to some BÖHM wireless headphones reviews, one of the main factors that led them to buy these headphones were the fact that they are not only lightweight as well as they have a compact folding design. And according to this BÖHM B76 reviewers, this makes perfectly sense when you’re looking for some versatility. After all, you can take your headphones with you to work, to go jogging, to the gym, for a long car or plane travel.

When you order your BÖHM B-76 Bluetooth Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones, you will receive the BÖHM B76 Bluetooth Headphones, a 3.5mm Aux cable, a charging cable, a carrying case, and the user manual.


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