Best Over The Ear Headphone Brands That You Can Trust

Over Ear Headphones

With so many different over the ear headphone brands out there, all claiming they are the number 1, how can you know which ones are the best?

When you want to evaluate an over the ear headphone brand, you need to consider multiple factors. The first one is their durability and high-quality standards. After all, if the headphones aren’t able to deliver an amazing sound quality and if they are not durable, they really can’t be considered good. Although design also plays an important role, especially if you like to take your over the ear headphones everywhere with you, this is not as much important as the first two factors mentioned.

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So, here are the best over the ear headphone brands that keep proving their value, and that you can trust:

#1: BÖHM:


When you think of BÖHM, you think of music. And this is exactly how they work. The ultimate goal of BÖHM is to deliver the best experience ever to everyone who chooses to buy one of their many different headphones.

BÖHM headphones are usually long-lasting, have a superb sound quality, and they have, generally speaking, a great design. So, what else could you expect from one of the best headphone brands on the market today?


#2: Cowin:


Although Cowin is still pretty recent – they only started back in 2006, we can already say that they are one of the best over the ear headphone brands.

All their headphones have a superior quality in terms of sound as well as in terms of design. They are huge fans of innovations and they are always launching some new technology to improve (even more) their headphones. Seeing how they work, it’s easy to understand how they made their way to the top so quickly.

#3: Mpow:


Mpow has a lot of different consumer electronics and accessories. And the over the ear headphones are just one of the products they sell. However, they are not just one more. They are truly committed to making the perfect combination between price, design, quality, and durability.

Mpow, more than anyone, is quite aware of the challenges that they have ahead of them. However, we believe they can do it. After all, they’re already considered one of the best over the ear headphone brands.

#4: Panasonic:


Who doesn’t know Panasonic? Present at so many different industries, they also have many different headphones. And they’re not simply headphones; they are on the top of the best headphones on the market.

There’s no question that the big bet of Panasonic are the affordable prices. However, this doesn’t let them provide inferior quality or durability. Quite the opposite. One of the best things most Panasonic headphones usually share is their comfort. You simply forget you’re wearing them.

#5: Philips:


Just like Panasonic, Philips has a presence in so many different industries that is even difficult to list them all. Although they are better positioned in some, others are on the mid range. So, what about their over the ear headphones?

Simply put, they are amazing and Philips truly deserves to be featured on this list as one of the best headphone brands.

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