Avantree Audition Pro Super Comfortable Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

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We are always trying to find ways to get some peace and quiet from our busy lives and it sometimes seems it is just impossible. One of the best things you can do is to actually get yourself a good set of headphones that will allow you to run off this world, at least for some hours.

One of the best options that you have on the market is the Avantree Audition Pro.


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According to many different Avantree Audition Pro reviews, this is the best wireless Bluetooth headphones that you can get. With a great price-quality ratio, let’s take a look at everything they offer you.

One of the most important things, when you want to get some headphones, is to know about the sound quality they provide. And in what comes to this feature, the Avantree Audition Pro are simply amazing. According to some Avantree Audition Pro reviews, these are perfect for watching TV, for your computer or even to play games. You’ll be able to experience a great voice clarity and and advanced audio. Plus, since it includes bass off (or bass boost), you can also connect them to your Xbox and Playstation providing you with a clear treble and rich lows.

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One of the problems that most Bluetooth headphones have is that they just have a sound delay. However, and according to some of the Avantree bluetooth headphones reviews, this won’t happen with the Avantree Audition Pro Super Comfortable Wireless Bluetooth Headphones because it features the top aptX technology which has a latency of 40ms when it is paired with a low-latency transmitter like the Priva II and the Avantree Saturn Pro.


Although the Avantree Audition Pro Super Comfortable Wireless Bluetooth Headphones include a sort of noise cancellation, especially due to the its design where the over-the-ear construction blocks out the ambient noise, it doesn’t really feature any technology. However, these might suit you well if you’re just looking for some headphones to wear while you’re jogging, for example.

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Looking at the Avantree bluetooth headphones reviews, it’s easy to see why so many people like these headphones. With an adjustable headband to make sure that it fits you perfectly, and super soft pads, you can be sure that you’ll be able to wear these headphones for some hours without even noticing you’re wearing them. And since they are lightweight, this is definitely a plus when you want to go jogging, for example.


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In case you’re like so many people who use two different phones, then this headphones might be the perfect choice to you. Why? Besides allowing you to take calls, you can actually connect two different phones simultaneously. So, you’ll never miss a call again just because you’re wearing headphones. According to many Avantree Audition Pro reviews, this feature works very well.

Another aspect that is frequently mentioned across the different Avantree bluetooth headphones reviews, is the NFC technology it features. The NFC actually works in a pretty simple and efficient manner. When you want to pair and connect, just tap an NFC-enabled phone against the Avantree Audition Pro Super Comfortable Wireless Bluetooth Headphones side. This is a great option to Bluetooth pairing and it works even when Bluetooth is off.


When you get the Avantree Audition Pro Super Comfortable Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, you will receive the Avantree Audition Pro Bluetooth Headset. a 3.5mm audio cable, 1 micro USB charging cable, a zippered case, and the user manual.



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