Audio Technica ATH M70x Vs. M50x Compared

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When you are searching for good headphones that allow you to enjoy your music just the way you like it, you may have a hard time choosing the best headphones for you. After all, with so many different brands and models, which one is the best one for your needs?

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Many people have their favorite headphones brands and one that tends to be included in this list for most people is Audio Technica. They tend to have some solid-built headphones that last, look good, and provide you with a great sound quality.

When Audio Technica released the Audio Technica ATH M50x, it was really a hit:


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And then, the company decided to release the Audio Technica ATH M70x:


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And most people didn’t really know what to think. After all, was this an upgrade to the successful M50x? Was it a new product?

After some time, we discovered that the Audio Technica M70x was actually a new headphone created to suit a different end-user.

So, let’s start our ATH M70x Vs M50x comparison.

#1: Audio Technica ATH M50x Headphones:


If you have been surfing the web, you already know that many different YouTube channels and forums related to headphones have been recommending the ATH M50x massively.

The truth is that these headphones have a lot of quality in all features. Starting with the design that is not only robust as it is also beautiful, passing by the detachable cables, and moving to the extraordinary sound quality. While you may still experience some distortion, the reality is that the music comes with a good amount of bass and for the price, it’s pretty great.


The Audio Technica ATH M50x Headphones tend to be great for beginner audiophiles as well as to professionals who don’t require that perfect bass.

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#2: Audio Technica ATH M70x Headphones:


The truth is that when you are looking for less distortion and an extra bass, the Audio Technica ATH M70x Headphones are simply perfect.

While the design and robust construction is the same one used in the ATH M50x, the Audio Technica ATH M70x Headphones include more metal parts.


If you are a user who prefers the quality of the sound instead of the looks, then you will absolutely prefer the Audio Technica ATH M70x Headphones.

Audio Technica ATH M70x Vs M50x – Which One Is The Best?

The reality is that choosing the best headphones for you is very related to your personal preferences and to your own needs. So, we cannot really say that one is better than the other. What we can say though is that when you are the kind of user who is searching for a good audio quality and you have a budget that matches both headphones, then you should opt for the Audio Technica ATH M70x headphones. In case you are just a casual user who likes a bit of bass or if you have a tight budget, then you should go for the Audio Technica ATH M50x.   

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