Alpatronix HX101 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Review

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When you’re looking for a good pair of headphones that feature both Bluetooth and are wireless, one of your best options is the Alpatronix HX101  Bluetooth Wireless Headphones.


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The Alpatronix HX101 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones are perfect because they don’t only provide you the ability to listen to your favorite songs. They are much more than that. You can also take advantage of the Alpatronix HX101 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones to use as a hands-free telephone communication device. In fact, you can control almost all audio functions of your smartphone using these Alpatronix HX101 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones.

According to some Alpatronix HX101 reviews, they deliver an amazing sound. And even though they don’t include the Active Noise Cancelling feature, they do include the CVC 6.0 digital noise reduction technology. This means that noise ambient will be filtered when you want to take a call or listen to your music.

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Another feature of these headphones that tends to be mentioned a lot of times in many different Alpatronix HX101 reviews is the fact that the Bluetooth 4.1 is incredibly versatile. This technology allows you to connect to any other Bluetooth-ready device. So, even if you want to share your music with another person near you, just connect their smartphone to your Alpatronix HX101 headphones and that’s it. As soon as you turn on the headphones, they will immediately enter in pairing mode trying to discover the Bluetooth-ready devices near you.

One of the best things about the Alpatronix HX101 Headphones is that they are ultra-portable which is great when you want to carry them everywhere with you. Plus, they’re very comfortable. The earphones are cushioned and soft and are just perfect in what concerns noise isolation.


When you’re looking for some good headphones, you want to make sure that they have plenty of controls built-in. This will allow you to use them in any occasion that you want. And this is exactly what the Alpatronix HX101 Headphones offer you. You’ll be able to control the pause/play, the quickly skip forward/back, the volume control, and the answer and hang up phone calls.


When you have no possibility to use wireless, if you’re on a plane, or if you just want to save some battery, the Alpatronix HX101 package also includes an auxiliary cord which will allow you to continue to have fun. And when you’re traveling by plane, just use the cord to connect directly to their entertainment system. You won’t even notice the time passing by.

When you order your Alpatronix HX101 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones, you’ll get the headphones, an auxiliary cable, a USB charging, and a carrying case.


According to different Alpatronix HX101 reviews, the case is just perfect because it allows you to take your Alpatronix HX101 Headphones with all the cables without any problem. Of course, that one extra advantage of these headphones is the fact that they are lightweight, which make things easier.


According to most Alpatronix HX101 reviews, people who have bought these headphones are very satisfied with their purchase. Some have even bought them months ago and they still don’t note any wear effect on them, neither in terms of the battery nor in terms of the ear pillows.

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