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As you probably know, many different musicians have been allowing to have their names associated with different headphones. This has been the case of Dr Dre or Jay-Z, for example. However, if in those cases you are usually paying a lot more just by their name and not for the quality of the headphones themselves, the same can’t be said about the AKG Q 701 Quincy Jones Headphones. And this is why we decided we write our own unbiased AKG Q 701 review.


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So, what can you expect from the AKG Q 701 Quincy Jones Headphones?

Starting our AKG Q 701 review by the headphones design, you will notice that they are very similar to the K701 and to the K601. However, this is not bad as you may think. The truth is that the AKG Q 701 Quincy Jones Headphones are incredibly stylish.

Discover some of the best-looking headphones on the market.

While the construction uses plastic, the truth is that the AKG Q 701 Quincy Jones Headphones seem to be durable and solid. You will see a self-adjusting headband and the earcups of the AKG Q 701 Quincy Jones Headphones are suspended by an elastic. This ensures that the headphones are incredibly stable and they distribute the weight evenly ensuring that they will remain in their place.

While the headband may not be very soft to the touch, it is still covered with leather and the earcups are large enough to accommodate people who have big ears.

One thing is for sure – you won’t have any problems wearing the AKG Q 701 Quincy Jones Headphones for multiple hours straight on a daily basis.


In case you’re looking for headphones that you can carry with you all the time, maybe you should look for closed back headphones. After all, the AKG Q 701 Quincy Jones Headphones are open back meaning that they leak sound and you won’t have any isolation from the outside noise.

Our AKG Q 701 review could never be complete without an analysis of the sound quality.


The truth is that you just have no idea about how happy you will be as soon as you try the AKG Q 701 Quincy Jones Headphones on. After all, these headphones include a “Varimotion” multilayer diaphragm, a flat-wire voice-coil technology, and the neodymium magnet system. The result? A wide, natural, and uncluttered sound no matter which kind of music you prefer. The amount of detail reproduced is simply amazing not even to mention the lack of distortion.

In case you decide to buy the AKG Q 701 Quincy Jones Headphones, you will get the open back headphones as well as 2 different detachable cables – one with 3m and another one with 6m. In addition, you will also get a 3.5mm jack and a 3.5mm to 6.25mm adaptor.


Overall, the AKG Q 701 Quincy Jones Headphones are truly a great choice. They are not only beautiful, comfortable, and durable as the sound quality is absolutely amazing. They are definitely one of the best choices that you have when you are looking for open back headphones.

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